Sharon Curtis Matthews Portraits


Name:  Sharon Matthews (nee-Curtis)


Age:   55

Born:   Te Puke, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.   

Self-taught Artist. mother of three, married 32 years.

Happy when serving in Community or Charity and Fundraiser Projects for the mentally challenged and a support person for her adult daughter and Aspergers son.

Coming from a large family of 23 children herself, often motivated Sharon to find solace and peace through her interest in drawing people.

She soon learned that it also brought a lot of comfort and strength to not only herself but to others. She uses her talent to comfort those who have lost loved ones and considers her gift as being more fine-tuned as a result.

"I am grateful to have been given a gift that has enabled me to use for this form of has helped me feel empathy for those experiencing the loss of family, that I may not have otherwise developed doing anything else.

I believe this is what I had been molded to do throughout my life up till now." 

Being a mixture of Maori, English, Irish and German has helped Sharon appreciate the many cultures she is asked to portray. As her own love for Genealogy and connecting with her Ancestors has opened up a whole new world of extended family and love for her.  


What the Artist Offers and the conditions involved

- I offer the client my genuine desire to share my talent and love of Portrait Art....I am willing to capture images of: People, Animals, Buildings and special Family Keepsakes..... If a clear favorite photograph is accepted I will give anything a try......

- Client will receive an Original pencil Portrait piece.

- Censoring does nudes, violent depictions or any unreasonable expectations or tattoo added.

- During the time of creating a piece for the client I offer the utmost confidentiality as many people wish to 'gift' the Portrait or may have reason to have it stay a secret for a time....on condition that I am well informed of the planned presentation date... each piece I do will eventually be posted up on my site as a record of my work and for others to view and enjoy.